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Keep the value of your antiques intact

Front Porch Primitives is an exclusive carrier of Howard Products. Preserve your antiques, primitives, and furniture with a variety of polishes, cleaners, and waxes.  We also offer conditioning creams to make your leather items softer and fresher.

When restoring an antique, keeping the original wood finish is pertinent to preserving the value and originality of the item. Howard Products provides a line of gentle and safe polishes to permeate the wood or product, without stripping it of its natural finish.

Products for all finishes

Whether restoring wood, class, marble, antiques, leather, or vintage items, Howard Products has a product for every material and finish to ensure its integrity always stays intact.

Preserve your primitives

- Polish

- Cleaners

- Waxes

- Oils

- Conditioning creams

Call us for information on how to use Howard Products or if you can't find the product you're looking for.

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